Bruno Langley – Jump, Camera Operator

In 2016 I worked as a Camera Operator on this music video for Bruno Langley a Coronation Street actor who decided to launch his own music career.  This video was shot over the course of two days on a Canon 5D.


Ghold – “Blud” Music Video


Ghold approached me back in 2016 about creating them a music video for their song Blud. They asked me to make a video using news footage of the Ndrangheta (Italian Mafia), looking for something dark, that conveyed the feeling of being enclosed in hidden away spaces. This video and song was reviewed on the Metal Hammer website. (Link Below)

Jason Pannett – Showreel

Jason Pannett, a Leeds based actor, asked me to create him an acting showreel. He mentioned he had appeared in quite a few notable British television series but had not yet had a speaking role.I shot some mock scenes with him, as I felt it was important to have some examples of him speaking in his showreel. Jason, was happy with the end result, it has also received positive feedback from his friends.

Music: Danny The Dog by Massive Attack

Disclaimer: I own none of the music or BBC footage used in this showreel. No Copyright Intended. Under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research.

Quick mashup of my work at M&C Saatchi.

I did quite a lot of different things at M&C Saatchi, most of which were Vox Pops, general shots of London and Behind the scenes footage of a Natwest Advert. I felt the best thing to do instead of trying to cut it together out of context, was to mash it up with a bit of lens whacking and some Aphex Twin. Enjoy.

Quo Vadis Nightclub: Rock’n’Rolla Promotional Video

Back in February I was asked to create a promotional video for a new club night in Lincoln, so I took my camera and went along to the opening night. It was absolute madness, everyone was drunk and dancing around, this was a perfect time to get some good footage. I’d been asked by the promoter to incorporate a quote from the film Rock’n’Rolla which i’d had a listen to before the night. It gave me a general idea of what feel the promotional video should have. I decided to shoot in black and white because I felt that it captured the mood I was looking for quite effectively. So here it is, the promoter was happy with it and so am I.   

Channel 4 Talent Day – Factual Film Workshop

On the 4th December 2014, I attended a 4Talent Day in Bradford. We were given a choice between nine workshops of which we could attend one on the day. I chose the Creative Factual Production workshop. We were split into groups of roughly five or six and I opted to take on the camera operator role in our group. We were given three hours to produce a factual film from script to screen. It was a tight deadline and hard work, but we finished it in time. With another hour I feel we could have ironed out some of the issues with the film. However I feel we didn’t do bad with the time we were given.